Being Real Over Fake IDs

Being Real Over Fake IDs

Posted August 20

A number of underage students are going online and ordering fake IDs. Experts say that for those who were caught, future employers may take the misdemeanor into effect.

Some teenagers will do anything to get their hands on alcohol. From South Carolina to Wisconsin, Big Dog Beverage in Elkhorn has seen the fake id’s pile up this month.

The problem: they’re excellent fakes bought online. The watermarks and scanner chips check out.

A break in the unusual case came when one of Larry Gregurich’s store employees recognized a recently graduated high school student. “I’m sure they’re someone else’s headache now,” he said.

Investigators have been able to ticket some for not only minor in possession or MIP but falsifying a government document.

“Generally I think it’s treated more seriously than MIP. An MIP can come about in a lot of ways but if you have a fake id, that almost shows that that’s now part of your lifestyle and that you have taken steps to make this a regular thing.”

“We do about 750 a day,” said Nick Jasa from One Source commenting on the number of background checks for employers done every day.

He sees the proof that these types of tickets often come back to haunt the individual. “There used to be more jobs than employees and now there are lot more people looking for employment than there are jobs. And if you’re the kid who has the MIP and forging a document absolutely they’re going to look at you differently and they’re going to pick that other kid in front of you. scannable ids

Parents will often explain to their children the number of reasons not to use alcohol before it’s legal and now, here’s another one.

Employers also give what’s called a Truth Test. Two for $100 has been a recent deal. The fakes are so good that the watermarks are spot on, but one local businessman wasn’t fooled.

“We had such an onslaught of out of state IDs here.” The fake IDs are stacking up at Big Dog Beverage in Elkhorn. “They are picture perfect. We’ve had State Patrol, they are picture perfect.”

From South Carolina to Wisconsin, with these IDs everyone is over 21. When asked by the store clerk what they were doing in Nebraska, they said visiting grandma or just moved to town. “Had a bunch of excuses.”

With such a good fake, how did the owner catch anyone? “A teacher works for us and recognized some of them and by golly, started to put an end to that. filltrustid

Larry Gregurich didn’t stop there. Not only had he photocopied the IDs and had their signatures, he contacted their families. “I go to the parent first, see if they sound like they have the same thought as I do, otherwise they go to the State Patrol.”

A few days ago, a recent high school graduate came in with his father and had a note. “‘I would like to sincerely apologize for the immature and unbecoming actions I displayed in your store. Thank you again for allowing me to have this second chance.’ That impressed me that he was man enough to come in and do that.”

Some didn’t get a second chance. The Nebraska State Patrol has ticketed a couple of underage people for possession of a fake ID, a misdemeanor, in connection to this liquor store. Young people always look for an edge when it comes to beating the system to get booze.

“We’re doing our best to try to keep alcohol out of minors’ hands.” Those who were caught may be wondering how it will affect their future.

The Nebraska State Patrol tells Channel 6 News that a metro convenience store has also seen a number of out of state fakes. Investigators recommend writing down or copying the information of the license to protect the establishment. fake ids It’s also enough information for tickets to be issued to those with the fake IDs.

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