Caring For Ceramic Knives. 10 Quick Tips.

Caring For Ceramic Knives. Helpful Tips…

Caring for Ceramic Knives?

Any high quality knife whether it is ceramic or steel will potentially get damaged if it’s not handled correctly. Ceramic knives are sharpened so thin blades may chip or break on the tip if dropped on a hard surface at a certain angle. The same goes for steel knives if dropped, but in this case will bend instead and require a professional alignment. That’s why you should always cut on a plastic or wood cutting board regardless of what type of knife you have.

Caring for Ceramic Knives

Follow these simple instructions and your Ceramic Knives will last a lifetime.

Let’s jump right in.

10 quick tips on how to protect your Ceramic Knives

  1. Avoid chopping through bones and frozen foods.
  2. Avoid applications which require prying, scraping or twisting.
  3. Always use on a plastic or wood cutting board.
  4. Avoid cutting on marble, stone or inappropriate surfaces like plates or kitchen tile.
  5. Always store in a protective sheath or proper storage container, something that is also recommended for sharp quality steel knives.
  6. Store your ceramic knife in a custom sleeve, knife block, in an in-drawer tray or even keep it in its original packaging.
  7. Never store in a drawer without proper protection or with other steel knives.
  8. We also do not recommend placing them in a dishwasher since the motion against other objects could chip the objects and/or the knife itself.
  9. Ceramic Knives are very easy to wash, as it is not made of steel it will not rust, so no need to dry it after you wash it.
  10. A traditional sharpening or honing steel is not effective and will chip the blade. If you feel the need to sharpen please do so only with diamond sharpeners.

Frequently Asked Questions

There you have it, but remember…

Fact is…

You still need steel knives for various cutting tasks. Ceramic knives are intended to complement, not replace your other cutlery. Use steel knives for carving, prying, boning, cutting frozen foods, and slicing cheese. By using both ceramic and steel knives for different tasks, not only will you be extending the life span of both…but why not have the Best of Both Worlds.

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