Creative Wine Cork Craft Ideas That are Really Great

Creative Wine Cork Craft Ideas That are Really Great

Cork is produced mainly from the bark of a tree, which means the tree continues to live and grow for years. The manufacturing process ensures there is no damage to the environment, making the cork industry an environmentally friendly one. Cork is an impermeable material made from the bark tissue, harvested primarily from the Quercus suber or the Cork Oak.

Its elasticity combined with impermeability makes it a suitable material for wine and champagne bottle stoppers. Wine corks can either be made from a single piece of cork or composed of granular particles, also called agglomerated corks.

Wine corks can be used to fix wobbly chairs as well as to make interesting artifacts. When it comes to creatively using wine corks, there is no dearth of ideas that can be effectively implemented. Given below are some of the easiest ways to use your collection of wine corks. scannable ids

Cork Ombr Heart

Start with something as easy as painting wine corks in your favorite color. Use shades of your favorite color to achieve an ombr effect. Fix the cork onto a board using glue to form a heart. Makes a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day as well as birthdays. You can simply use hot glue to stick one cork to another to form a hanging heart.

Picture Me Perfect Frames

Convert an old picture frame into a wonderful work of art. Simply take the frame apart, create a pattern with the cork stoppers, and fix it onto the frame with hot glue. Use it to create amazing miniature sculptures ranging from gnomes, to cutesy Christmas angels.

Corky Dolls

Use a bit of wire to breathe life into wine corks. Create arms and feet for the lifeless cork stoppers to make them look interesting. filltrustid Use these cork dolls to adorn your bar, and as table decoration to amuse your guests.

Cork Pawns

Love chess? Here’s your opportunity to create your own set of chess pawns. Simply cut the cork stopper to get a pawn. You can create the chess board using slit cork stoppers that are painted and glued together.

Miniature Plant Holders

Use your cork stoppers to contain mini plants that can be given off as party favors. Top it up with a plank of wood to form the roof. Hang or place the birdhouse on the patio for your feathered friends to find some respite.

Cork Toys

Convert cork stoppers into eco friendly and hazard proof toys for your children. You can create cars, wheels for cars, building blocks, buy fake ids and a plethora of other toys for your kids with spare wine corks.

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