Lifecolor 8-Piece Premium Ceramic Knife Set – 3Color Kitchen Knives with White Sheaths in Gift Box

Ceramic blades are impervious to acids, juices, oils and salts, leaving no metallic taste or odor, and stain-resistant, and rust-proof. It can help maintain the freshness of your food.
Compared with ordinary metal knives, ceramic knife is more easier and smoothly, even if the extremely difficult cutting work,it also can complete the mission excellently.the weight is only one-half the weight of similar metal cutter.even if you use long time, it won’t causing wrist pain due to too heavy, more easier to cut food, enjoy the kitchen.
General metal knife will be a sharp decline in degrees and passivated after use for some time . Ceramic knife is special, It has an unparalleled sharp blade can cut out the meat as thin as paper.Ceramic blades be provided with superior hardness and wear resistance, depending on the material hardness comparison form shows that its hardness is second only to diamond,no grinding,always look as new.

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