Knife Sharpening System, 4 in 1 Knife Scissors Sharpener Maintaining Kitchen & Sport Knives, Kitchen Shears

ALL knives need to be maintained. Even the BEST, HARDEST metals lose their edge with normal use. It’s the nature of a knife… the sharper it is, the more regular maintenance it’ll need. But this is no longer a chore! Our 4 in 1 sharpener will make regular maintenance of your fine edges as well as complete resharpening a pleasure, and easier than ever!
With his three-stage design: coarse, fine and extra griding, this knife sharpening kit works for both ceramic and steel knives of every size and different level of dullness. It only takes 3 to 4 pulls through the sharpener to restore any knife to a precision edge.
The solid ABS plastic body and slip-resistant rubber feet means the knifesharpener is easy to handle and stays put during use.